The 7" BeBook Live. Potty Usage Encouraged.


This BeBook Live is no joke. At $279 I thought it would have the specs of a Blackberry Pearl, but it's actually much better than that. It has a really funny promotional video to boot, though you might choose to use it a little differently if you pick one up. At about the :12 mark there is a still picture of a bloke with his pants around his ankles sitting on the can, and if the video is to be believed he is playing Tank Hero. 

I had only seen passing mention of this tablet before today and hadn't paid enough attention to notice pricing rumors. It lacks in some areas compared to the Nook Color, but this is certainly an attention getter in the lower priced tablet segment.

The theme for the BeBook Live is "Read, Surf, Watch, Play" and there is a good bit of pre-installed software (crapware?) to high-lite those themes. Seeing the list of pre-installed applications only seems to add to my unanswered questions about the device.
After my quick first glance I want to know if the pre-installed apps can be removed, I also want to know how well the thing runs with it's anemic RAM, what's the battery life like and if the thing access Andorid Market. Seeing it's limited resources a Honeycomb upgrade is out of the question, but how about Gingerbread? 

Outstanding questions aside, the BeBook Live will pack enough of a punch for the budget conscious tablet shopper. At the end of the day a $279 Android tablet is nothing to wipe your as… nothing to lift your leg… it's a value priced contender.

Specs, stills and video below.
OS VersionForyo 2.2
Memory4GB (up to 32GB SD)
ProcessorSamsung Cortex A8, 1 GHz
Display7" TFT-LCD, Multi-Touch
WirelessWi-Fi (b/g/n), Bluetooth
Camera2MP Front Facing
PortsUSB 2, HDMI, Audio
Weight426 grams



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