Taptu Updated with Honeycomb Support; Some Real Eye Candy for Your Tablet


Its good to see more and more quality apps getting the full Honeycomb treatment. The SDK has been out for months now, but its possible that most developer were waiting for a few devices to test their applications out on. Either way, Honeycomb optimized apps have been starting to flow in, and XOOM owners like myself couldn't be happier!

Taptu, for those of you that might not be familiar with it, is a social news feed reader. It's not just your regular RSS reader, it integrates social sites like Twitter and Facebook as well. You can import your Google Reader feed into the application as well. It's definitely a fun way to check out everything you would check on the internet in one polished, very clean looking application! The layout is customized based on the users preferences, and you can also update your status on your social media sites within the app itself. If you use Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook or all of the above you should definitely give this app a try.

While Google , Twitter, and Facebook have yet to update their applications to full honeycomb support, its nice to be able to make some good use of that screen and check them all at once. The only con i've seen with this application so far is it imports your reader, but doesn't report back what you've read, so if you like the style of this app just use it instead of Google Reader, otherwise you'll have a lot of feeds to re-mark as read. Taptu is a free Android application, and can be downloaded from the market by clicking here.

Let us know what you think of their all-in-one client in the comments, below another pic of the Honeycomb interface.