Stop me if you've heard this, there is an Amazon tablet coming

The article at Android and Me makes it seem like they finally believe that an Android based tablet is coming soon from Amazon, but if you've been reading along here you've known for a while now that this was coming. 

I laid out all of the proof that anyone would need to be convinced of the pending Android tablet from Amazon here. I discovered an unannounced Amazon service, Amazon Media in pre-release documents for an unannounced but rumored Lenovo tablet and I posted about that here. I even wrote about PC World's come-to-Jesus moment with the Amazon tablet here.

This is really old news to me. And to you.


Android and Me claims to have an inside source that is telling them that there is a whole family of Android based products coming from Amazon, including phones. That's nice, but I hate un-named inside sources.

What worked for me was when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had this to say:

Is Amazon preparing to release an Android-based tablet? "Stay tuned," says CEO Jeff Bezos.


This isn't an "if" question, it's a "when" question.

beyond that, the Android and Me article jumps in to all kinds of speculation about hardware and which version of Android that Amazon will use to build this family of devices. I'm not willing to get in to all of that because it is naked speculation.

I will say this about the hardware and OS version of the Amazon stuff. Any tablet from Amazon will function well, will be easy to use, will be tightly integrated with all of the assorted Amazon services and it will be priced right. And it will run Gingerbread, which will allow Amazon to skin it any way that they want.


While the family of devices may eventually include a higher end device, I would suspect that Amazon will first attack the low-end. The Kindle has morphed in to the low-cost Android tablet that everyone has to have and I am certain that the Kindle price point of $250 will be the first target of Amazon.

On the phone front, I briefly speculated on an Android based Amazon phone in this post about the Amazon Cloud Player service. I do see phones in Amazon's future, but tablets will come first. If there is to be an "entire family" of Amazon devices for this holiday season I would suspect that an iPod like device would come before a phone, but that's just speculation. 




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