Sprint brings Google Voice Integration to Customers


Sprint and Google Voice are integrated

Sprint and Google have brought their Google Voice integration program to fruition as it is now live. We have discussed this here at length but here's another brief overview of what exactly your choices are and what it all means. Under the new program you have a couple of choices.

You've got options

    Choice #1: you can keep your Sprint number and it becomes your Google Voice number, It takes on all the traits of a Google Voice number. It rings on any phone you like, voice mail transcription, and etc. 


    Choice #2: you can trade your Google Voice number for your Sprint number meaning all calls and texts will now be handled by Google and the Google Voice Service. Also all outgoing calls and text will now show the Google Voice number.

Big decisions to be made here so give it some thought. This link will get you started and assist with any additional questions you might have. You can also view the video below. We'll keep you posted on any developments with the Sprint Google Voice integration right here. Later Folks.