Samsung Galaxy S II Korean Pre-Orders Nearly Double iPhone Numbers


Over in Korea the Samsung Galaxy S ll scored 200,000 pre-ordered devices, nearly doubling what Apple was able to produce last year with 110,000 iPhone 4 pre-orders in August. The original Galaxy S sold 10 million units last year, and that is exactly what Samsung expects of the new Galaxy S ll for this year. This is just better than half of the iPhone devices that Apple moved in the winter.

10,000 orders were placed in the first 30 minutes and the number went to 20,000 in just over an hour. The Galaxy S ll is a beautiful device that looks strikingly similar in hardware and UI to the iPhone, but I'm certain none of the pre-orders were from confused iPhone seekers. Surely they all know that Apple still has the nearly year old model up for sale.

It's great to hear of strong pre-orders for an Android device but a key in the article is that Samsung offered the Galaxy S ll on all three Korean carriers while Apple's 110,000 number was reached by only taking pre-orders on one carrier.


No word yet on the whole Apple v Samsung patent infringement thingy, but I doubt that these types of pre-sale numbers for the flagship Samsung Galaxy S ll are going to help settle the dispute between the frienemies.

Source: Electronista

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