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I was asked to review Three different bluetooth units of varying benefits. I took the challenge because I have been looking to get into bluetooth headsets. I have never been a fan but I have seen everyone from cowboys to businessmen wearing one, I figure, why not me!


The Looks

All three look different, one sits over your ear and the other two are in ear. They all have ear rests that sit lightly over your ear and provide comfort. They look nice, the week or two I took to review them I got, "what is that star trek crap on your ear?" Because that is what they really look like!

The  Battery

The battery life on all three is great, I listen to music with two more powerful ones, (The 6450 and the 1610, the 3600 does not have this option) and it is great, it goes a day and a half or two days on one charge. I have to charge my phone a lot through the course of the day due to bluetooth taking so much battery as well as streaming (I use audiogalaxy). But the device itself is GREAT.

The Operating System/Software

The software on this is nearly non existent as it is a bluetooth in ear device, however, with the 6450 there is an app you can use to sync your phone a lot easier, it is just a small app and it is easy to get in the market. It is called Freesync by TouchSoft and can be found at this link


The Browsing,  Camera and Video

This section is useful in this instance because the two top devices (the 1610 and the 6450 both have voice ability, you can press a button and it asks you what you want, most the time it gets it wrong and auto calls someone you haven't talked to in years, but it does work if you are very clear!

The Call Quality

I could hear people AND music quite well! I like it a lot and I use them daily, not in ear, just not a fan of that, but the 6450 came with a pair of headphones that plug-in through usb (the same port it uses to charge the device) and it lets me listen to music and talk to people with out a weird headset in my ear, it is great.


Conclusions & Final Thoughts

I have found that I do like bluetooth headsets, mostly for music, wire free listening is great. Well at least semi wire free, I mentioned a few sections up that the one comes with headphones so there are wires, but they are not connected to my pocket like most sets of headphones. I am loving it.

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