Quick Review: Casio G'zOne Commando, It's Tough


First Thoughts

I was excited to get this one. A tough phone that can take the heat, or the bumps/the drops, the pressure, and the depth of water. It really is tough. I have of seen videos around the net of this device being dropped into water and soaked, a time-lapse showed it coming back out of the water and making a call. Kind of a big deal.

The Looks


This phone for sure looks tough as well. It is covered in either plastic or rubber, maybe a bit of both. It looks like it can take a fall for sure. The screen is kind of recessed into the device to protect it.

The Hardware/Screen

The device has 512 MB of RAM and 1024 MB of ROM, an 800 MHz CPU as well as an 8 GB microSD card is included (support for 32 GB). Overall you get a good experience with this powerful device. The hardware pulls through for the actual look and feel of the phone. The screen is slightly smaller at 3.60 inches with 480 x 800 pixels.

The Battery

The battery is rated at 7.50 hours of talk and 270 hours of standby. It is a 1460 mAh battery that lasts when it needs to. It of course is anywhere from 6 – 8 hours like most devices I have reviewed lately. My dad has this device because of my review, and has experienced this battery life as well.


The Operating System/Software

Android 2.2 is stock on this device, I think this software is virtually stock, it seems to have a FEW added things, but is basically stock. It is not a Google experience, but it is still mostly stock. Android 2.2 does this device good, not sure it will need to be upgraded as it serves the purpose, however, there is always room for improvement.

The Keyboard

There is no hard keyboard but there is a keyboard kind of like swype included.


The Browsing, Camera and Video

Browsing is nice on this keyboard, it is a bit weird that you get Bing as search though, I thought people had cancelled that. However, no. It turns out you can not switch to Google even. You do get androids browser, and it works well. The speed is good. I wish they would let me update it to Google. Even voice search is Bing. There is no front Camera, the rear is a 5mp and records video. Not sure if the video is HD, and I would guess it isn't.

The Call Quality

Calls are clear, the speaker phone is loud and works. I made and received calls that were clean and crisp.



  • It's Really Tough
  • Calls Were Good
  • It Looks & Feels Like It Could Take A Beating
  • Water Resistant
  • Shock Resistant
  • Dust Proof
  • Temperature Rated
  • Meets US Army Standards


  • It is not for everyone



Conclusions & Final Thoughts

A tough phone that works well, it is strong and feels durable, it is tested and Army Strong. I found myself using this one often, I have 6 – 10 devices at a time and carried this one around quite a bit. I would and have recommended this phone and when recommended it was purchased quickly by my dad and cousin

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