MOG gets Updated to 1.2, Brings Favorites and Multiple Sign-Ins!



MOG is an incredibly popular online radio streaming applicaton. How popular? Oh only Billboard's 2010 best music streaming app, beating out other popular applications such as Rhapsody. MOG users are loud and proud, and will easily welcome the new additions to the Android application. The new features as indicated by MOG themselves are;

  • Favorites: Users can now add artists, albums, songs, and playlists to favorites. They can do this by pressing the menu button ("v") to the left of the item they wish to favorite. Users can also find a "Remove From Favorites" option if they are IN their favorites.
  • Sign-in: Users can now sign-in to MOG on more than one device without being forced to quit or sign-in again. However, subscribers can only stream MOG from one location at a time.
  • Stability and performance: The updated app has significantly improved and is now faster and more stable than before.
  • Home screen album art: This is now a setting, and is OFF by default. Users can go to "settings" to change this feature.


In addition to that , MOG offered a quick tip in regards to switching your data connection from cellular to wifi. If you're in the middle of a download during this switch, go to My Downloads/ Download Queue to press resume to continue the download. MOG is available to Android users from 1.5 and up for $9.99 a month, and can be downloaded from the market here. Check out their video below!