LG Ally Gets Some Android 2.2.2 Loving, Via Market Update.


LG Ally owners rejoice!

Own an LG Ally?  Well keep an eye out, you should be receiving a text message from Verizon Wireless soon informing you that you will be the lucky recipient of an update to several features for your Ally.  Big Red is informing all you lucky Ally owners by text message with instructions that you will need to go to the market to get this update.  This is a method that has several people scratching their heads, but hey as long as it works we won't complain too much.  Check below for a list of some of the fixes/updates you should expect to see.



LG Ally Android 2.2.2 Update features

  • Send SMS messages without interruption, even while connected to an extended network.  (Messages will seem to go out a with a little less hassle no matter where you are)
  • SMS messages will deliver to the intended recipient.  (No more risking the chance of possibly sending the wrong message to the wrong person)
  • POP3 email downloaded from server is now deleted from the device when deleted from the device.  (If you delete an email on your computer or another device it will also delete it on your phone)
  • Improvements to performance stability when viewing email messages from the combined inbox.  (Various fixes to make your email work correctly if you have multiple accounts setup)
  • iheartradio stations now play correctly.  (Self-explanatory)
  • Improved Car Home application verbiage when being used in Spanish.  (Car Mode sounds better when being used with the Spanish language)
  • Successfully dial # or * using the keyboard in landscape mode.  (Self-explanatory)


Market Update Link for LG Ally Android 2.2.2.

More Information from Big Red themselves.


Keep your eye out Ally owners, this is not one to miss