Is the HTC Merge launching on Verizon tomorrow?


Well, according to Droid Life it is, then again, this isn't the first time a release has been rumored to be imminent. I'm not sure who is going to be willing to buy one of these phones at any price over $50. We'll find out tomorrow if this device is released to authorized resellers as it appears it will be.

OS VersionAndroid Froyo 2.2
Processor800MHz Arm 8 Cortex
Memory363MB RAM / Storage not listed
SD CardUp to 32GB
Display800×480 3.8" WVG

Now it is a slider, but 363MB of RAM? I'm not sure what this phone is going to be capable of doing with so little RAM and such a weak processor, but it won't be much.


The HTC Merge is further crippled by the fact that it is one of the infamous BingDroids. It won't come with the much coveted Google Apps installed and it won't have access to Android Market, but Verizon will be paid handsomely for swapping out the intended Google apps in favor of the lesser quality Bing apps.

I've heard from more than one local VZW rep that the most often returned device in their stores have been these idiotic Bing crippled devices. It seems that people are really pissed when they get their Android smartphone home and find it isn't an Android at all, it's this stupid Bing infested wannabe that won't do any of the great things that they've heard Android phones will do.

Well, it looks like Verizon is going to try one more time to sucker the ignorant masses in to buying another one. VZW loads their devices with this annoying crapware that they are paid to install and Bing is the crappiest piece of crap on the crap pile.


With or without the evil Bing demon aboard this phone is a low-end, low-cost, well past it's prime HTC device. Quietly Brilliant.

Source: Droid-Life Images: Droid-Life | Boy Genius Report

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