Is that a Android Mini Projector in your Pocket or are you just happy to see me?



I'll bet you never thought that your Android phone needed a 1080p projector jammed in the top of it, but Texas Instruments and an as yet unnamed group of device makers are going to prove to you that you don't. 

It's a novel concept. Aim your phone at a screen, a wall or any other flat surface and project your slide deck, spreadsheets, photos or videos right from your device. Then again: what?


You already have to be concerned with protecting your front and rear cameras from getting scuffed. You guard that huge touch screen with your life. If you're a Verizon customer you can't even scratch the body if you want a warranty replacement without a damage charge. Now, on top of all of that I have to worry about a projector lens on top?

What will squeezing a projector in to your phone do to battery life, thickness and weight? For it's part, TI says not much. With their advancements in technology they claim that their chips are smaller, lighter and consume much less power than ever before. With their chip and lens advances your phone will project a movie in a similar sized package to your phone now, and will do it for all of three hours. 

Would a business person that routinely uses their laptop to give presentations find this useful as a backup or emergency device? Absolutely, but that's not exactly what TI has in mind. They see this technology being used primarily in consumer devices, talking throughout the article about the ways that consumers use their devices for content consumption. That's not a winner for me.


You can read more of the projector-in-your-pocket propaganda at the Forbes link below. To me, this is the poster child of dumb ideas.

Source: Forbes Via: Android Authority

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