HTC Thunderbolt Update Going On Now


HTC Thunderbolt first round of fixes

The HTC Thunderbolt is getting an update. To me personally this seems rather quick, but when it comes to updates with some of these devices it almost seems completely normal. The Thunderbolt update has already started to roll out to people and everyone should see this very soon. Keep in mind that you will receive this update with a push notification when it is ready and that going through the system settings and repeatedly checking is not going to get it to you any faster.

What the HTC Thunderbolt update means for you?

HTC Thunderbolt Build Number: 1.13.605.7

  • Web browsing the 3G network will be enhanced.
  • SMS and MMS messages are fixed to be stored properly within the Messaging app.
  • Faster activation times for the Thunderbolt.
  • "Backup Assistant" is in the Applications menu correctly.
  • Improvements in stability with Applications that use data.
  • Better location displayed when using the Weather Widget.
  • Better load times for GPS when using Google Maps and VZ Navigator.

The HTC Thunderbolt has done fairly well with Verizon and has a lot of great features. It is also the first 4G device that Verizon has rolled out. We can probably expect to see more updates from Big Red and HTC on the Thunderbolt through time, it is just really good to know that they actually care about how some of these devices are functioning and work so quickly to get them taken care of.




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If you see any issues from the new update for the HTC Thunderbolt don't be afraid to leave a comment.