HTC Desire HD and Incredible S Getting Gingerbread OTA


HTC is letting it rip.

The Desire HD and the Incredible S Gingerbread updates are out now. They recently posted on their Europe website that both of the devices are now getting the update pushed to the devices. You can also manually check the update by going to: Settings -> About Phone -> System Software Updates. The HTC Desire will be updated to firmware 2.36.405.5 and the HTC Incredible S will be on firmware 2.12.405.7.

This is a rather exciting update from HTC and is being released rather quickly to these devices. And if you don't see it at first just be patient and it will be there soon enough.

HTC never letting us down.

HTC has always been very good about staying on top of their devices and this is just proof once again why they are one of the leaders in the Android game through my eyes. I am very excited to see how either one of these devices are going to hold their own weight in the market and without a doubt I don't believe it will be very hard for them to leave once again another footprint in the game.


HTC Desire HD and Incredible S owners, let us know how its goes.

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