Google Sweetens Android with Launch of Movies at Google I/O


Google giving Android more to do.

Straight from the Google I/O it has been announced that Android lovers now will be gaining even more functionality from Google themselves. One announcement today is the release of Google Movies for Android. This new app with allow users to rent and play movies on the go straight from Google. With everything that Android is running on and with what is to come, this is very exciting news for all of us.

How is Google going to do it?

On Monday Google announced that YouTube increased its on demand rental service and today they revealed a deal was struck with several major players in the movie business. It is going to cost you $1.99 to rent a movie but the better thing about it is that you will have 30 days to start watching the movie and once you start watching a full 24 hours in which to finish the movie.

Google is defiantly showing out today with Android, stick here for more updates.


Video Source: phandroid