Google Music To Be Announced Tomorrow At Google I/O

Google Music Is It True?

There is no question that Google Music has been a hot topic leading up to Google I/O 2011. While there is now a multitude of streaming and cloud music services from the likes of Pandora to Rdio we have yet to see a hands down winner. All signs point to Google announcing their music service tomorrow, but what will it bring to the table?

Google's Plans

Google has lofty goals for their music service, but at this time its seems as if record labels sadly are holding back progress. The plans Google has for the music service include: a music locker like Amazon's Cloud Drive, an unlimited music streaming service similar to Rdio, over the air iTunes library syncing along with over the air iTunes library streaming. Needless to say if and when they are able to bring this all together their offering will shoot up the list and become one of the elite music services.

The recently unveiled Google One Pass multi-platform single log in would be perfect for such a service allowing access across multiple platforms from your Android mobile phone, to your desktop computer, your Honeycomb tablet, and Google TV. If they can combine all of their desired services into a simple multi-platform interface Google Music would simply be an amazing one stop shop for all things music.


What Will We Get Now?

Unfortunately, a couple of the major labels were less focused on the innovative vision that we put forward, and more interested in an unreasonable and unsustainable set of business terms.

The above quote from Google's Digital Content Manager says it all. Although the plans are ambitious and will undoubtedly add up to one great service at this time Google does not appear to have all of the pieces together. The applications seem to be in place, and the cloud storage is ready to go, so again the hold up points to deals with record labels. Sources expect the announcement to be initially of the Cloud Storage and compared to Amazon's 5GB of free storage Google should give an initial 20GB of free storage.

Hopefully Google has been able to secure more agreements to release more pieces of the music puzzle. We will have to wait for the announcement to know for sure. Check back tomorrow as we will have an update as soon as an announcement is made along with all of the other Google I/O news you desire.

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