Google I/O Attendees also get freebies from Verizon and Samsung


As if the lucky stiffs who bought Google I/O tickets weren't already getting their money's worth, now Verizon and Samsung have teamed up to give them even more.

Verizon and Samsung have combined to offer a free mobile hotspot, SIM card (LTE) AND 3 months of free service to every single one of the people in attendance at the event. The little blue card can be exchanged starting tomorrow at 3:30 at Gear Pick Up.


So, let's recap the freebies:

  1. Samsung 10.1" Honeycomb tablet
  2. Samsung Nexus S (tomorrow's prize for showing up)
  3. Free hotspot and service from VZW and Samsung

Everyone thought that it would be Motorola handing out part of the huge overstock of Xoom tablets, but they were wrong. Samsung dropped off 15,000 devices for Google to hand out for free.

I'm going to Google I/O next year. The freebies more than offset airfare and hotel expenses.


Source and image: Slash Gear