Get the New Google Talk Early, Thanks to the Modding Community

google talk

When Google Talk with Video was announced, everyone with a front-facing camera who doesn't have a Nexus S asked when they get a shot at this. While an official date would depend on  your manufacturer, XDA to the rescue! When they were first looking into it you needed to edit lines and manually rename files, but now they made it as simple as a flashable zip file. Like most of these early things, you'll need to have 2.3 and need to be rooted, so this might not apply to alot of you. To make it apply to even fewer people, not all cameras are being detected, so mixed results are to be expected. I'm running an original DROID with Pete Alfonso's GPA14 rom, and I'm able to see and hear people with voice and video chats, but they cannot see or hear me. The new version of talk has some new UI, so as of this time I'm just enjoying that aspect of it. I'm sure most new rom's will have a fully working version of Talk in their 2.3.4 roms, and those shouldn't be that far out. If you are familiar with booting into recovery mode and installing zip's from there, this should be easy for you to try. The zip file available for you here, so try it out and let us know how it worked for you in the comments (with model and ROM versions to help the others as well).