First Look: New Walmart App, Save Money – Live Better

May 9, 2011 - Written By Randy Arrowood

I always assumed that the average Walmart shopper lived to run, screaming through the front door, CIF (cash in fist for the uninformed) in search of the next great price roll back. I guess Walmart knows more about their average shopper than I do as they’ve just released their new Android app. At the time that I downloaded it they had already achieved the 5,000 – 10,000 download ranking, which isn’t bad for a two-day old app.

The app has a simple and clean interface, though clean and Walmart rarely belong in the same sentence. On startup the app gives you a number of options. You can find your local store, view your local weekly ad, see which manufacturers Walmart has strong-armed in to lowering their wholesale prices for this week’s price roll back, and check all of the various departments. You can search for items and can also share items via all of your normal options.

Curiously, though I was able to find all of my product searches there was no way to just buy the item through the app. Each item has a “Buy from full site” button that leads you to the full, awful website. Not a mobile version, the full desktop website. You would have to think that adding mobile ordering would have been a short leap but apparently it wasn’t.


  • Small size
  • Fast search results
  • Drop down navigation from all screens
  • Clean design
  • Very fast search results
  • Read ratings and reviews
  • Track orders from


  • No direct ordering within the app
  • No barcode scanner support to look up products
  • Can’t add ratings or reviews from within app
  • Weekly store ad isn’t actually available though it is listed
  • Links for Pharmacy and Photo take you to mobile website

All things considered, it’s a nicely done app. If you’re inclined to spend your money at Walmart or then give this a whirl.

Via: AppBrain