Featured: Woman Escapes Thief With Plea Over Android Phone

So i came across a pretty interesting piece over at chipchick.com. It tells an odd story about how a writer was confronted by a mugger who wanted her android phone. Here is the full account:

The other night, our friend Robin Raskin of Mommy Tech was confronted by a man who tried to grab her phone away from her as she walked down the street.

"Look lady, I don't want to hurt you.  You're old enough to be my mother. Don't make me hurt you."

Instead of relinquishing the phone and running scared, Robin could not bring herself to give up the phone. Why you ask? Well the thought of having to set up all her apps and passwords all over again on a new device frightened her, even more so than the lingering threat of the dangerous mugger!

"Please don't take my phone. It won't be worth much to you, and it'll drive me crazy trying to set it up again. Do you know how hard it is to get your apps running just right?"

Instead, Robin offered her would-be attacker money and food in exchange for having mercy and giving her, her phone back. Robin must have had lady luck on her side, because the man did indeed end up returning her phone to her.

Pretty cool to hear. But what's kind of hidden in this story is the fact that the woman's excuse for not wanting her phone stolen was pretty bogus if you ask me. Android phones are actually very simple devices to set up, even when transferring to a new device. All of your applications, contacts, and even emails are backed up on Googles server, which will then reload on the new device upon logging in to ones google account. Fortunately for the victim, the thief must not have known this and instead took her story for truth. And apparently so did the writer of the article:

But finally, what we really can't get over here is the fact that Robin's biggest nightmare and GUT reaction in such a situation was that she couldn't bare to have to set up all her apps and passwords again. And you know what, she had a point. Setting up and customizing an Android phone is a lengthy pain-in-the-a$$ process. On the other hand restoring an iPhone is as easy as connecting it to iTunes and restoring it to a previous backup, the same can be said with a BlackBerry, if you're on a corporate enterprise server. In the words of Newman from Seinfeld, "Oh the humanity!"

Pardon my french but WHAT A LOAD OF BULL! Calming down now. Maybe she's right. I mean you do have to log in to your google account to gain access to your backed up files, and oh my goodness you even have to wait for them to load. Like the writer said "OH THE HUMANITY!!" People please do not try to use this same excuse if you come across a similar situation.

All in all, it's nice to know that the woman got away safely.

Source: ChipChick

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