Featured: ScoreMobile is the "Best Damm Sports App Period."


Time for some Playoffs and Season opening Action!

Hey sport junkies, it's that time of year where for some sports playoffs are taking place, while the season is just starting for others.

You can only find NBA, NHL, NFL Apps only?

There is no doubt that there are a pretty large amount of sports app available for Android. ESPN ScoreCentre, NBA Gametime, SPEED and not to mention ScoreMobile, just to name a few.


ScoreMobile for Android is made for you by Score Media Venture (The Score Television Network)

The ScoreMobile app for your Droid, is not just the ordinary NBA, NHL, NFL game score update app.  A beautiful self-updating widget for live scores, is just one of the things that makes this the "Best sports app. Period." In fact it has coverage for over 22 different Leagues and sports. This includes: American Football (NFL, NCAAF, CFL), Basketball (NBA, NCAAB, NCAAWB), Baseball (MLB), Hockey (NHL), Golf (PGA), MMA (UFC, Strikeforce), Auto Racing (NASCAR Sprint Cup, F1), Tennis, Cricket (ICC and IPL), and Soccer (EPL/Premiership, Champions League, Serie A, La Liga, MLS).

Quick Steps

1. Once the app loads (pretty quick!) you will get a screen which will have an NBA game schedule.

2. On the top right tap the "NBA" button and you will a get a HUGE line of different sports and leagues. Simply just tap any of them and ta-dah info for the selected sport/league will be in your hand.


3. In addition, on the top left, there is a refresh button, to obviously give you the latest updated scores.

For the Homescreen Widget

Go to your homescreen. Tap and hold the screen select add widget, and then choose ScoreMobile.

There is no doubt that this app has great features. But I still think it could be even a little bit better. If options such as notifications for games, other widget styles for homescreen and other small features are implemented this will become even better.



Speed (4/5) – Loads amazingly fast.
– Sometimes you might have to press refresh again.

Features (4.5/5) – Great set of features.
– The widget especially makes a big difference.

– Videos and stats are also amazing.


Theme (3/5) – The user interface could be a tiny bit better

– May be bothersome for some to keep going to the current league/sport to see info for another league/sport.
– Quick links would really help in the application.

Overall (4.5/5) -Really minuscule stuff are what add up to a great sports app like ScoreMobile.




– Homescreen widget

-22 different sports and leagues


– Stats, news, videos, standings, ability to change refresh rate (to help you battery a little!)


– Could be more customizable to make it more customized towards your likes


– Notifications would really help

– Different styles of homescreen widgets are not available

Small Features are what effect Everything in ScoreMobile

As said it is the small things that add to the repertoire of this application. Other small thing like notifications will obviously increase the ability of ScoreMobile.

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