Featured: ROM- Gingerbread.5.20.11 DAS BAMF 2.0-4.01


There is now a fully working  Sense 3.0 Rom available. Featuring the new sense lockscreen, homescreen and lots more. Though the ROM is still in Beta, it is definitely functional enough to be used daily. If today is the end of the world, at least you still have a chance to experience the latest of the HTC offerings.

The creators are composed of Trident, ThatDudeButch, Adrynalyne, dsb9938 and erishasnobattery, recognized for their work on the popular BAMF Roms. In order to install this Rom you MUST use a Gingerbread radio and be familiar with Clockwork and flashing roms. Full release note as well as photos below.


The das BAMF team is composed of Trident, ThatDudeButch, Adrynalyne, and dsb9938. erishasnobattery had a HUGE hand in 2.0 as well. Thats not to minimize how many folks actually contribute to this project. We thank you ALL.

Please bear with us through some growing pains, as this is a major release and the different versions have to be created for it (remix). We are making a new thread because there is so much information to give out.

Presenting… das BAMF 2.0 *Beta*!


Features of 2.0

  • 2.01.605.0 alpha base
  • Debloated, which includes vzw framework, apps, games, libs, and permissions.
  • Tweaked filesystem.
  • Zipaligned (just once, not every boot, sorry), and deodexed. Odex and deodex perform the same after the first boot, when deodex roms get….odexed. This is merely to save space in /system and make tweaking easier.
  • Added Google Car Home, removed HTC car app.
  • Removed Stocks widget, and app. Google has better apps for this anyway.
  • Superuser is fixed with rmk40's version, woot woot!
  • Our own busybox, version 1.19.
  • Kernel has init.d support, as well as adb root, and usb debugging enabled on every boot (even from a wipe).
  • No recent apps on notification bar, thanks rbox!
  • Location reticle deleted, thanks rbox!
  • Accurate battery and custom super quick transition animations, credit ThatDudeButch.
  • Latest maps
  • 6 bar signal mod, thanks rbox! (Doesn't work quite right yet, so back at 4).
  • Custom Boot animation, credit to dsb9938 and gadget!
  • Some minor build.prop tweaks
  • Rebot options, including hot restart, credit to aiccucs, ported by ThatDudeButch.
  • Working HTC Setup wizard, credit to aiccucs.
  • Teeter.
  • Volume keys wake phone.
  • Automatic brightness fixed with my own custom values. Seems to work even better on Gingerbread.
  • Google Docs app instead of Quick Office app.
  • Fixed apn issue with framework.
  • Sense 3.0 MMS app, credit to seo.
  • Sense 3.0 lockscreen app with working themes and buttons, credit to seo and erishasnobattery.
  • Sense 3.0 weather, credit to seo and erishasnobattery.
  • Sense 3.0 weather wallpaper, credit to seo and erishasnobattery.
  • Sense 3.0 Phone modifications, credit to seo and erishasnobattery.
  • Sense 3.0 weather unlock, credit to seo and erishasnobattery.
  • Gingerbread menu glow is enabled.
  • Gingerbread crt animations are enabled, credit to mike1986. and his DHD framework I ported it from, and chingy51o for his windowmanagerservice.smali (this fixed the accelerometer lock ups).
  • Custom bamf boot animation by gadget!
  • Two ported themes for Sense 2.1 by gadget!
  • 5-wide app drawer.
  • Nuked carrier text and shrunk header in pulldown.
  • New shutdown animation.
  • Splash of Red Skin from Berzerker.
  • Imoseyon's test4 kernel. Seems to work pretty well now. Also noticed its been set to run at 1ghz again. This means camera works 
  • PCSCII.apk that works with Imoseyon's kernel (test4), credit to chingy51o. This means working USB mass storage mounting 
  • BAMF toolkit.

Highlights of the BAMF toolkit by Trident:

  • Includes Spare Parts
  • Cpu Settings can be changed: min/max frequency, governor
  • Built in terminal emulator
  • LTE settings, turn on/off 4G, etc
  • Mount system rw, event at boot.
  • Block ads
  • Disable boot sound
  • Disable boot animation
  • Disable sense lockscreen
  • Disable status bar clock
  • Change i/o scheduler
  • Clear cache
  • Clear dalvik-cache
  • Clear battery stats
  • Change dalvik heap size
  • Enable uber quadrant (fun script, requires quadrant)
  • Change application install location
  • Remove system apps

Clockwork Recovery
Knowledge of adb


Knowledge of fastboot
Knowledge of adb (required for support)
Knowledge of logcats
An abundance of patience
A good humor

my wife
my daughter
dsb9938 especially, for all the help with the thread rewrite and images.
erishasnobattery for his INCREDIBLE help with the Sense 3.0 weather elements.
All of #thunderbolt IRC and my users for testing the numerous alphas.

Final notes:


-This is based off an alpha HTC leak. There will be bugs, and there will be kernel panics causing random reboots. There is no way around this, but they seem to be focused around the inital install and setup of rom.

-Unexpected closing of browser is usually due to missing Flash.

-Camera does not work with stock kernel, which imo, is faster than imoseyon's or my kernel. Until we get source, I suspect this will always be the case.


-USB mass storage mounting does work.

-This rom is deodexed. Odexed causes issues with being harder to find themes, etc that work, and is only faster on the first boot. After, they are identical in performance and usage.

-If you have trouble with MMS, go to settings, MMS connection settings and change name to Verizon.


-If USB Mass storage and adb do not work with imoseyon's kernel, please enable internet passthrough mode and let the drivers install. Then turn it off and all should be right in the world.




Huge thanks to the BAMF Team, and for help and discussion, visit the Android Central forums.


Source: Android Central