Featured: New Standards In Android Security and Gaming


Android Security

Android security has been a hot topic as of late with consumers and developers having a few gripes with how Google has handled the issue up to this point. The latest issue was with the ClientLogin service, for all mobile devices up to version Android 2.3.3 the Google account log in service was sending out information unencrypted. Google has already patched the security risk that made it quite easy for a hacker to grab your information without to much trouble. The hole in security is compounded with current issues of how mobile devices track location information a problem that faces Apple and as well as Google. In a world of Facebook and Foursquare check-ins along with increased GPS usage the FCC is exploring ways to keep users location information more secure. The FCC will soon hold a public forum to discuss, "how consumers can be both smart and secure." The forum is scheduled for June 28th, in Washington D.C.

Android A Gaming Platform?

Gaming in the mobile arena continues to grow in popularity and with devices such as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Android is gaining an ever increasing presence.  While initial sales haven't been as high as expected it will receive its first U.S. launch on May 26th from none other than Verizon Wireless.

As mobile platforms continue to grow Android and iOS have become the clear favorites for developers. Software maker Ansca has developed a system in which developers can manage their apps from both platforms in one location. The ability is something that will allow less time working on multiple platforms and more time spent on developing engaging titles that push the limits of what mobile can presently offer. Ansca along with the inclusion of Acknowledge the Facebook gaming rewards system onto mobile devices it increases developers ability to monetize their offerings and install larger user bases who want to try out the games before investing any greenbacks.


Google has indicated that gaming is the next place for the Android OS to see major growth and hopefully it comes sooner then later. With the inclusion of different platforms and way to monetize apps developers are gaining more incentive to develop for the OS. Hopefully the Xperia Play and other gaming devices for Android are just the start of a much needed major gaming push.