Featured: Kidromulous' picks: 10 highly recommended Android Games part 1


5 Great Android Games

Full disclosure Kidromulous is a moniker I have used to blog about Android and I've been making top ten list with it so I decided to share some of them with you here starting with the five Android games I recommend right now with a second set of 5 coming in part two of this piece. These games are selected not because they are new (all of them are not), but are selected based on how much they are used on my Evo and on my friends handsets as well. They appear in no particular order and I will provide a little information on each app and links where you can get them in the Android or Amazon markets. These games have been battle tested and played inside out so they are definitely worth your time. One complaint Android users have had for a long time is the lack of gaming opportunity so allow me to point Android newbs and vets in the direction of some awesome games.

Hyperlight by CatfishBlues Games

Evil Cosmic beings are chasing you and in this game you have to use yourself and a variety of weapons as a projectile to destroy them. In the game you use the accelerometer to control your craft through fast paced shooter action in one of two modes.Tilting your phone instantly turns you to an indestructible comet allowing you to destroy waves of enemies receiving bonuses all the way. The highlight of the game is the HD graphics with vibrant neon colors. It is based on the Unity 3d engine to render the 2.5D animated backgrounds. Another bonus for me is the Open Feint support which I love for achievements and social gaming. The game is beautiful and works surprisingly well on my EVO's Adreno 200 GPU though it was designed for TEGRA 2 devices, Xperia Play or dual core CPU's equipped with the latest PowerVR or Adreno GPU's. This game is both gorgeous and exciting. The fast paced action is hard to put down and it is probably one of the top games on my list had I ranked these games.

Zenonia 2 The Lost Memories by GAMEEVIL Inc.

Remember the good old days of blowing out your Zelda cartridge and popping in your Nintendo just the right way to get it to work. Well those days are gone thank goodness, but the great gameplay remains with games that wax nostalgic like GAMEEVIL's Zenonia 2. Start it out with a fantastic storyline add to this visually stunning old school 2-d graphics thousands of possible customizations in terms of gear and weapons. A surprisingly deep crafting system with catchy graphics and music help push this game near the top of the action RPG list as far as Android is concerned.The humorous aspect that is present in most of GAMEEVIL's great titles is present here in spades and the npc's and colorful player characters will have you chuckling the whole way through. Depth is not lacking here in any way and Zenonia 2 comes highly recommended.


Battleheart by Mika Mobile

Battleheart is another deep RPG that has made its way to Android. The graphics are cute but don't let that fool you this game is not for the feint of heart. The basic premise is a strategic Battle involving four selectable characters under your control. The standard RPG roles apply here with Tank, DPS, Healer and so forth. The way your team members are controlled is where the true innovation comes in. The player draws lines on the screen directing the moves and selecting the character brings up selectable special moves that correspond to the aforementioned classes. The standard rpg fare of purchasing equipment and upgrading skills applies here as well. You can hire many new characters and switch them out making different combinations of four characters for progressive battles. What would have made Battleheart legendary is a story. The game totally lacks a story line and that makes the game sort of repetitious. Boredom is quelled though, with fast paced action and thirty levels with occasional boss fights. This one is getting heavy play on my EVO right now and requires a high-end handset to avoid crashes and slow frame rates. All things considered it is near the top of the list of RPG's
available for Android at the moment and is well worth the coin.

Cyberlords Arcology by Handygames

I've always been a fan of the sort of steampunk world that this game is set in. The year is 2173 and the power of world governments has declined. Corporations have begun to run things and with corporations comes greed and control. Powerful Nano gear implants and cool weapons augment the player characters as you thwart the evil corporations seeking to rise to power. This game has got it all. Decent graphics strategic game play, and a deep storyline. In this game you use the touch screen to lead your four man team into battle. Each of the four characters can be controlled independently or as a team and battle strategies can be tailored very quickly. Taking over security robots, bypassing traps, and using stealth are all things that will make your team much more survivable and serve to make this one interesting game if nothing else. The simulated persistent world comes packed with secret locales and the achievement system will reward you as you proceed. Cyberlords comes in both the free and paid varieties and is another of the games available on Android right now that I highly recommend.

MiniSquadron by Supermono Studios

Frantic air battles to the music of long dead composers. That's what minisquadron brings to the table. The touch controls on this title are unbelievable as you control beautiful aircraft in old school aerial battles. The graphics and art are stunning as well and the action is very very fast paced. Combine this with fifty unlockable planes and local WiFi multiplayer and you've got one of the funnest games on Android. It's the best 2-d shooter game I've ever played and it is EPIC! As you move through wave after wave of enemy fighter it gets really tough especially when the UFO's come out. Just about every enemy aircraft that you come in contact with will eventually become selectable as you move farther and farther into the game. Open Feint support is important to me and its here in this game keeping track of your high scores and other achievements. One word describes MiniSquadron…. fun.


The next five picks are coming your way in part 2. Give these games a spin in the meantime. Later folks.