Featured: How To Keep Your Android Device Secure & Protected



Lets face it, smart phones today are becoming more personal computer than a actual phone. And this fact creates tons of security risk to you and your personal information. Here are a some applications that can help keep your android device protected.

Lookout Mobile Security does everything you could ask for.

  • Protects against Malware & Spyware
  • Allows you to view downloaded applications and see the personal information they can access.
  • Backup all your apps and data in case your phone is lost, stolen or destroyed. Then later restore them to the new device
  • Lost your phone? Locate your phone on from another phone or computer.
  • Keep your phone locked from unwanted eyes
  • Perform a full remote wipe to keep your personal data out of the wrong hands.

AVG anti-virus is the most popular service out there.

  • Scan your entire device and remove viruses with one click
  • Automatic scans can be run weekly, daily, or on demand
  • Create and display onscreen message remotely
  • Basic protection from SMS spammers

AFirewall Blocker is an app that will block incoming phone calls from any number you specify. Keep telemarketers bill collectors at bay with this free application available in the Android Market.


App Protector Pro will lock user specified apps on your phone. Such as your messaging or photos and allow them to only be viewed after you enter the unlock code which can either be a password or pattern to unlock apps.

A combination of security software and old-fashioned responsibility can keep you from becoming one of the 99.7% of Android users vulnerable to attacks.