CyanogenMod 7 Nightly ROMs now for T-Mo G2X, LG Optimus 2X!

CyanogenMod 7 on LG Optimus 2X

CyanogenMod 7 Custom ROM Nighty Builds for T-Mobile G2X, LG Optimus 2X

Good news for any of you out there with a rooted T-Mobile G2X or LG Optimus 2X! The developers behind arguably the most popular custom ROM, CyanogenMod 7, have released the first nightly builds to support these devices. Who knows how long it will be until they are fully supported in CM7 (stable ROMs), but judging by the devs' track record of superfast updates and serving up what the community wants, I doubt you'll be left hanging for very long. Remember that these nightlies are unfinished works in progress and they may have several bugs, not to mention certain functionality might not yet be supported.

Want Gingerbread with Bugs for your G2X or Optimus 2X? Files Here

If you just can't resist the urge to sample Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread) on your dual-core beast, plus the little extras you get with CyanogenMod, buzz over to their nightlies mirror and grab a build for your G2X (p999) or Optimus 2X (p990) (.zip files).

Have no idea what to do?  Time to learn!  Start here.  Realize doing this will void your warranty and could brick your device, so take your time learning what's involved in the wonderful world of Custom ROMs.