Bell Releasing HTC WildFire S June 17th?


HTC WildFire S being launched?

The HTC WildFire S is being released to SaskTel (Saskatchewan Carrier) next month and according to sources there is more to it than that. Bell according to sources on the internet is possibly going to be releasing the HTC WildFire S on June 17th also. Devices that are launched on SaskTel are usually in the Bell line-up also.

The HTC WildFire S is looking to be a entry-level device and it seems that no pricing has been fully made available for it yet. But here are some of the features available for the WildFire S.

Check the video for the preview of this newest HTC device.

  • Customize with colorful skins, soundsets and widgets.
  • Caller ID displays vital information like Facebook status and birthday
  • HTC Sense
  • Friend Stream
  • Available with different colors.

Catch the link for a full overview of the HTC WildFire S from HTC and here is the link from ourselves from when the Specifications were leaked.

HTC WildFire S, HTC doing it again!