Are Game Companies Going To Start Putting Android First?

Yahoo just released an interesting piece. While it seems like Apple's iOS devices are stealing the portable gaming crowd, it looks like Google and Android could soon be receiving a lot more attention from the big players. It is only natural that as the Android system evolves and the mobile device space gets bigger that a lot of players are going to want to throw their hats into the ring. Android will provide a lot of people and is providing a lot of people with a way to differentiate their products in a way that they can't do on iOS.


nVidia are a prime example of this with their efforts with Android. To supplement their Tegra2 processors they have used their gaming contacts and software to create Tegra Zone. This gives you access to exclusive Tegra2 games and lots of little extras. You are sure to find some great looking games here which can only get better over time.


Sony are another example with their Playstation Store, Playstation Certified tag and Xperia Play device. Like nVidia, they will be using their own contacts to offer the best in gaming and offer PS1 games. Also the Playstation Certified brand could be seen as a major plus point for hardware makers hoping to convince gamers of their gaming credentials.


Looks like Valve could also be bringing its very popular gaming program Steam to the mix. Added competition is only a good thing to make sure we get the best service and throwing a heavy weight like Steam to the mix will ensure they and their competition will be kept on their toes for a while.

Lets not forget that Google and Amazon may also have a say in this game. Google may not be having the best results so far but they learn fast and are sure to step up with the competition. Amazon have actually had some good early progress in this area attracting Rovio and Gameloft to their cause. That's the stores then but what about those who want to stream us our games?


OnLive the startup streaming company is also hoping to do well with Android. They have recently recieved investment from HTC and hopefully we can expect to see the first fruits of this labor in the new HTC Flyer. It is a very shrewd deal indeed. A streaming service would allow games to be targeted to low and high-end devices a like with the only major worry being internet connection. With Google TV as well OnLive might seek to use that as a platform for getting into your living room.


Another company interested in streaming is Gamestop the brick and mortar game retailers. They recently bought Spawn Labs and are in the process of buying Stardocks Impulse Game Store. In an effort to compete with OnLive there is also news that they also will be bringing this service to Android.

The Others

Seeing as Dell are in the Android tablet game it may make sense for them to introduce the Alienware brand into its mobile range. Such a phone would scream high-end and gaming quality and would be sure to attract some interest from game developers. The other party is Epic Games with its Unreal Engine 3. As the games get more sophisticated for mobile devices so must the software be that develops them. The race will be on to tap into this growing market and provide the best tools for the job.

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