[email protected]: The Future of Android


Control Your House From Your Phone

[email protected] introduced at Google I/O adds a completely new dimension to Android devices allowing you to control home electronics from your mobile device. It starts with wireless lighting solutions made available by Lighting Science and goes as far as developers can imagine.

Google is designing the [email protected] interface at this early point and providing it as a opensource project to bring the industry together in an effort to make a unified platform on which hardware can be designed.

What Are The Possibilities?

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and with each new announcement Google and their Android platform continue to expand their reach. The possibilities of this new service are still being discovered, and Lighting Science announced that they will have retail products available by the end of this year. When asked about what we can look forward to the vice president of electrical engineering at Lighting Solutions Eric Hollands spoke of one specific application.


Google reached out to us, but we were already working on something. One of the fixtures we're going to show off next week [at Lightfair, the North American commercial lighting show] will be an external [lighting] fixture with a security camera attached.

The basics are already being put into place with security, lighting, and video being implemented in the first release of applicable hardware. The demos presented previewed associating the service with games , Google Music Beta, and lots more in Project Tungsten.   Watch the video announcement below from the Keynote at I/O 2011.

Project Tungsten