Adobe Flash Player 10.2 Lets Android 3.1 Cat out of 720p Video Acceleration Bag


Android OS 3.1 Required for Adobe Flash 10.2 Improvements

You won't see the above image on the Android Market anymore, which had outed Android OS 3.1.  And we can assure you that nothing called 3.1 has been announced yet.  Instead, if you head over to Adobe Flash Player 10.2, you will now see:


Here's the new language, with the changes in bold:

What's in this version:

  1. Flash Player – Features and Enhancements
  2. – Hardware accelerated video presentation (requires an upcoming release of Android 3)
  3. – Enhanced browser integration for Honeycomb tablets (requires an upcoming release of Android 3)
  4. – Important bug fixes and security enhancements
  5. The complete set of release notes can be found at:

Hmm, "an upcoming release of Android 3"?  Perhaps we'll be reporting on that from Google I/O.  In the meantime, that upcoming release should bring some very nice 720p video performance on Honeycomb tablets.


Source & Top Image: Engadget