Acer Releasing New Line of 7-Inch Tablets?


Acer seems to making big plans to add to its tablet line-up.

We have seen several tablets from Acer in the recent past and it seems we can expect to see more and soon.  From the looks of it Acer will be releasing a 7-inch version of the A500 Android based tablet in June.

This 7-inch and will share some of the same specifications as the larger A500 such as the Tegra 2 processor and running Honeycomb. The smaller size some say is a

disadvantage, but that can be disputed. Larger is not always better as for people on the go it means more compact and versatile. Some of the smaller ones that we have seen in the past are capable of fitting into various spaces such as a woman's purse or a man's sport jacket pocket  in which can come in handy.


Acer and their first carrier backed tablet?

The Acer 7-inch version will launch originally as Wi-Fi only and should be followed by a 3G/4G version. When the 3G/4G version launches it will be Acer's first tablet backed by a U.S. carrier (AT&T.) We should expect to see the Wi-Fi version to hit the stores in June followed soon by the 3G/4G versions.

What to expect from Acer in the future?

We should also expect in the future several exciting enhancements to the Acer tablets out there such as upping the storage capacities and even planning on Android tablets sporting NVIDIA's quad-core processors. Hearing news like this and the evolution of Android on both the hardware and software side is getting very exciting and it seems Acer is doing everything possible to help it along.

Is Acer trying to make themselves a major player in the tablet market?