A free way to bring your Angry Birds progress with you, no root required

Angry Birds creators Rovio tweeted last month that they're working on a cross-platform method of syncing your game progress across multiple devices. This would be of huge benefit to anyone upgrading or transferring to a new handset, meaning you wouldn't have to start your game from scratch on your new phone. If you've recently switched devices and you can't wait for Rovio's sync service to go live, you're in luck. XDA member OstrichSak discovered a way of backing up your progress(including golden eggs) in all three Angry Birds games and transferring it to another unrooted device, and generously shared it with the community.

If you search the Market, you'll find many apps claiming to back up Angry Birds progress, but most have a few shortcomings. One developer called Antbee seems to have his head screwed on and has created a backup app for each version of Angry Birds currently available. Antbee's apps successfully backup all progress, including golden eggs and fruit. You can grab these here:

Angrybirds Backup

Angrybirds Backup(Seasons)

Angrybirds Rio Backup


To transfer your game progress between devices, follow these simple steps:

  1. Install the applicable backup app on both devices
  2. On the new device, start the game and complete one level. N.B. This step is important. The folder containing your game progress is only created when there's progress to be saved.
  3. Exit the game and create a backup using the app.
  4. On the old device, create a backup of your progress in the same game. Now it's merely a matter of getting this backup onto the new device.
  5. Use a file explorer to open the folder belonging to the backup app, where you will find two files with the extension ".bkp" or something similar. On the new device, delete these two files; you'll be replacing them with the files from the old device.
  6. Use whichever method is most convenient for you to transfer the two backup files from the old device to the new one - microSD card, bluetooth, DropBox etc.
  7. Once you've copied the files, open the backup app on the new device and select "restore".

Hey presto! You're all done and can continue on with your game on your shiny new device.

Note: I've received a report from a colleague that this may not work going from phone to tablet, so please be aware of that before you wipe your old device.

[Via XDA Developers]


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