400k Activations Daily Backed With 200K Apps in Android Market


Android and its showing of power!

Most everyone is aware that the Google I/O event is currently going on and there is no holding back when it comes to showing the impact Android has done on the market so far.  Some of the first news is that we now have over 200,000 applications now available in the Android Market for all our pleasures.  The rate that apps are being added to the market, it is expected to overtake the iTunes App Store by summer time of this year.

Android activations galore!

Back on December 1st 2010, Google reported that we were seeing approximately 300,000 activations daily. Now within just a matter of 6 months Android has increased to 400,000 which means variety for the user and major profit for the carriers. There are many new devices set to launch and it seems Android is not going to be giving up the fight showing who is number one out there.

Android everywhere!

With these numbers along with other exciting news for Android that we will be seeing shortly this is becoming to be a time in history that will change us all.