ZTE Wants a Piece of the US Market?

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Who's ZTE?

Not sure if many of you know about ZTE. A Chinese company known for making smartphones and tablets for the Eastern Hemisphere. Well it looks they want to bring their expertise over to the other side of the globe. Their goal? To become one of the top 5 Android manufacturers in North America.

What's a "smart terminal"?

ZTE refers to their products as "smart terminals". At least we are assuming that they mean smartphones and tablets when they say that. But regardless of what they call their devices, they are planning on shipping 12 million of them in 2011. Ambitious goals for a company not completely within our radar.

But these lofty goals seem to be quite attainable, especially after looking at their Q1 numbers. A 16% increase in profit after 51% increase in mobile phone sales. That's a promising figure, but can a Chinese second-tier manufacturer really survive in the cut-throat market that is the United States? Huawei has had success in this hemisphere with smartphones, and I think it just might be time to let another manufacturer rise to a top spot.


[Via TotalTele]