Xoom has OTA update coming, and its heavy on the Bluetooth

xoom update

The Motorola XOOM has only been out for about 2 months, and it looks like the second update is already on its way. The first one was basically bug fixes and enabling support for Flash 10.2 which came out only a few days after that update. It looks like the focus on the second update appears to be Bluetooth. It is said that the update will not only improve Bluetooth keyboard support, but will enable the use of a mouse as well! This will be great for people who choose to use their XOOM with a keyboard since it will give it that traditional laptop/desktop feel. Not only will it support keyboards and mice, but they also plan to have support for Google Talk as well! You'll be able to use your existing headset for the audio and mic portion of your Talk session, and I think that will be awesome.  Check out the full list of changes from Verizon below, and as always we'll be sure to let you know when people report to getting this update sent to their devices.


Web Browsing and Data Access

  • Access and stay connected to Wi-Fi networks with added Proxy support.
  • SSL data transfer with websites is now supported.
  • WPA Pre-Shared Key pass-phrases are now supported when using the device as a Mobile Hotspot.
  • Supports Google Widevine DRM and HDCP.

Email and Messaging

  • POP3 HTML emails will display in their entirety.

Call Features

  • Bluetooth® is now supported in Google Talkâ„¢.

Additional Device Features

  • Encrypted passwords can be entered during power up.
  • Calendar events will remain up to date after an installed software update.
  • Application storage errors will not appear unless the device has reached maximum storage capacity.
  • Safely dock the MOTOROLA XOOM into the docking adapter without interruption.
  • Ability to add and use a Bluetooth mouse.
  • A shortcut key for the Bluetooth keyboard has been added.
  • View and import pictures from digital cameras with Picture Transfer Protocol.
  • When using the device in accessibility mode, menus will no longer prompt with sounds.