Video: Samsung Galaxy S II Ad hits Youtube

Samsung Galaxy S II 4 550x450

Samsung Galaxy S II’s AMOLED screen “Too Realistic?”

If Samsung’s new ad for the Galaxy S II is to be believed. The untrained eye of a small child would confuse the objects on it’s Super AMOLED screen to be real. In this adorable ad, a little girl tries to grab a fish appearing on the Galaxy’s live wall paper to place it back in a fish bowl. When she fails to get this done takes the phone and drops it into fish bowl full of water. The line “Too realistic” appears on the screen.

Galaxy S II , More than just a pretty face

The ad takes a creative approach to showcasing the phones AMOLED screen but benchmark scores that we have seen prove the phone is more than just a pretty face. The Galaxy S II also has a 1.2 Ghz XMM6260 dual core processor, and a 8mp rear facing HD camera to go with that beautiful screen. It may just live up to that “Too Realistic” tagline. Unfortunately we wont get a chance to drop this bad boy in any fish bowls until the fall as it has been slightly delayed. My next handset is going to be an Evo 3D, but Samsung certainly made me take a second look with this one. What do you think? Check the ad out and let us know.