Thunderbolt more popular than iPhone on Verizon; Shows off Androids muscles!

thunderbolt vs iphone

Android Brings The Heat

While Androids popularity has been gaining I've still had to deal with some of my smug iPhone-toting friends saying things like "Ya, well once the iPhone's on Verizon you'll see how much people really like Android". I guess they were right! Instead of flocking over to Apple once it was available, people chose Verizon's flagship LTE phone, The HTC Thunderbolt! This news comes from a report over at, and it couldn't make us "Fandroids" happier to see that people generally embrace the platform.

Verizon's Role

Verizon has played a very large role in the overall popularity of Android, and having it lead the way with their first LTE phone is more proof of that. The report comes from a study done by both BTIG and ITG, so it's not just an opinionated theory. Verizon hasn't decided to comment officially, and to be honest I doubt that they would be.

These are both flagship devices offered on their network, so why trash one over the other? I'm just happy they are showing no signs of slowing down with Android now that they have that other popular OS. Thunderbolt users, organize your celebratory parties in our comments!