Think Bootloaders Should Be Unlocked? Sony Ericsson Agrees With You

xperia play unlock bootloader

Bootloaders: Locked or Unlocked

Over the last few months, there has been talk about bootloaders for Android phones. Some companies think they should be locked down and some think that they should all be unlocked (I won't mention any names). Well there is one company that is changing their mind on this issue, and it couldn't come a minute too soon.

Sony Ericsson: One Brave Company to Change Minds

Sony Ericsson, they company putting out the Xperia Play and Arc have just announced that the site to unlock their bootloader is now live. This site, aside from working with the Xperia Play and Arc, also works for the Neo and Pro.

Why is this beneficial to you?

If you are one of the many consumers purchasing a Sony Ericsson phone, you now have the option to play around with your phone a little more. You now have the option to root your phone and change ROMs, so that your phone is as customized as you would like.


For so many people out there (me included), it remains an emphatic desire that the bootloader remain unlocked, and hopefully we can convince device manufacturers to alleviate our concerns and allow unlocked bootloaders.