Ads Released, Samsung Galaxy S II Is Coming


Here Comes the Samsung Galaxy S II, Here are the Ads!

The Samsung Galaxy S was a very successful phone. Available on just about any network and carrying some of the best specs around it doesn't take a lot to realise why. The Samsung Galaxy S II will probably prove to be just as successful, and we are getting ever closer to its release.

Samsung has some Commercials to Build Galaxy S II Love

Of course in a recent Facebook post Samsung claimed that April would be its release date but it didn't actually say in which market that date was aimed at, and of course us Brits should be expecting this phone 1st of May. In anticipation of the impending release dates of this phone Samsung have released three adverts that are available below. They make no mention of the technical details of the phone such as the dual core processor, storage capacity or battery information but instead focus on what they believes are important to the consumer such as the lifelike color screen and the voice commands. I am surprised their was no advert focusing on gaming however.


Check out the video below to see for yourself and tell us what you think. Will you be buying the phone on its release day? Wait for reviews? Or have no interest in the Samsung Galaxy S II whatsoever?

Samsung Galaxy S II: Too Realistic?

Samsung Galaxy S II: Too Cold for Touch Screens


Samsung Galaxy S II: Texting While Driving

Let us know in comments what you think of the Galaxy S II, and these ads.