TeamSpeak is Android Bound; FPS Players Rejoice!

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TeamSpeak Brings in-game talk chat to your Android Device!

TeamSpeak is a very popular program used by PC gamers to stay in touch during first-person shooters, massively-multiplayer online games, and basically any game where you would want to communicate with your teammates. The company showed off their TS3 at this years GDC running on iOS devices, and our friends over at Droid Gamers have a "friend" inside the company.

TeamSpeak Integrated into Games, notĀ separateĀ App

Bringing this tech to mobile devices is the next logical step, and I'm sure Android developers will welcome this addition with open arms. They plan on having this software put inside the specific game you are playing, as opposed to just having it run besides the game in the background. I'm picturing a new Angry Birds with 4 slingshots and you can talk to your friends to cooperate who is going for what pig, but that's probably just me.

Any TeamSpeak users reading this happy that they wouldn't have to make a new friends list when their gaming goes mobile? Speak up in the comments on TeamSpeak!