Tablet Tweaks for CyanogenMod 7


What are tablet tweaks?

If you install CM7 on your tablet, you have the option to make some significant tweaks to make it easier to use. A lot of these tweaks allow you to make the tablet more like a phone (certain notification tweaks).

What can I tweak?

The notification bar is a good place to start with the list of tweaks and features. The notification bar can now be docked on the top or the bottom of the screen. As well as docking it in different locations, you can set a "dead zone" in the middle, so that you don't accidentally select the notification bar. Applications can have full size mode disabled so that you always see the notification bar, and you can disable the lockscreen, allowing for a more phone-like setup.

Tablet tweaks is available for CM7, and it allows for some configurations that will only enhance your tablet use.


[Via IntoMobile]