Sprint Internal Document Proves Gingerbread Coming to Epic 4G

samsung epic 4g

Gingerbread Testing on Samsung Epic 4G

Samsung may be finally attempting to redeem itself from the controversy over their slow deployment of Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) by quickly getting OS 2.3 (Gingerbread) ready to roll on its handsets. According to a Sprint internal document a certain build ED12 is being tested on the Samsung Epic 4G and the document reportedly sports the words OSName Google Android and OSVersion Android 2.3.

International Samsung Galaxy S to get Gingerbread as well?

Samsung’s efforts to get Gingerbread out to its devices doesn’t stop there. Folks abroad should be seeing Gingerbread on the Samsung Galaxy S very soon. There have been no official dates set as to when we will be seeing Gingerbread on these devices but all indications are that it will be sometime soon. We’ll give you the word as soon as we know. Looks like Samsung has the ball rolling on Gingerbread.