SPB Shell 3D Homescreen Replacement Is "Eye Candy"


SPB Shell 3D, Homescreen Replacement with 3D Effects

Thanks to the folks over at SPB software, we have SPB Shell 3D,  a 3D user interface (UI) without the need of a 3D device. Touted as the next generation UI for Android, it boasts many stunning features. Every single thing from the widgets to the folders are customizable. The possibilities are seemingly endless with this app.

SPB Shell 3D Hands On

You can choose how many panels will comprise your home set of screens. On each of these panels you can add widgets, shortcuts or app thumbnails. You can even choose the color of each panel. These panels can be viewed as a rotating carousel, or with a touch of the screen, the selected panel is displayed in full.

Eight panels come already labeled with "Home", "Travel", "Communication", "Tools", "Calendar", "Time", "Pictures" and "Weather". Each panel is pre-loaded with appropriately associated widgets and each is animated. You can change any of these pre-designated settings and customize everything to your liking. Adding a new panel is as easy as long pressing any blank area of any homescreen panel and choosing "Empty Panel".

SPB Shell 3D App Drawer

Opening the app drawer is business as usual. Once in the app drawer, you will find a flat scrolling screen from which you can access all of your apps. The apps that are currently active on the panels will have a small homescreen thumbnail to signify that they are, in fact, on your homescreen already.


If you decide to add another app to one of the panels, all you have to do is long press on the app and the last viewed panel comes up in full screen view. If this isn't the panel where you wanted to place the app, you can "park" the app in a small "dock" of sorts at the bottom then scroll to the panel where you want to place it. Long press the app again and voila!

There are also quite a few widgets to choose from. Long press on any homescreen panel and you can choose a SPB Widget or an Android Widget. You can also add folders or shortcuts and choose your apps by using this method. All of the SPB Widgets are 3D and beautifully animated when they are being previewed.


Overall Impression

I never thought that the day would come that I would drop $14.95 on an app; well, that day was today. There wasn't one negative review and SPB Shell was frequently referred to as "eye candy".  Even its pre-release review promised something very exciting. The only thing I could say after loading it, even at first glance, was "holy cow."

To sum it all up, I'm still uber excited about this app. I think this may be the best $14.95 I've spent in a long while; worth every single penny and then some. It's super easy to use and lots of fun, to say the least. From the unlimited possibilities of homescreen panel arrangements to the marvelously fluid animations, this is one homescreen replacement app that packs a serious punch. Check out the video below to see it in action.

SPB Shell 3D Video



To Get SPB Shell 3D

In case the temptation is taking over, you can download the app from the Android Market, over on AppBrain, or use the QR code below.