Next version of Honeycomb: 3.1?


Rumors Suggest next Honeycomb Build is OS 3.1

Android Central is reporting evidence from a build.prop file, their own Google Analytics data and a "little bird or two" that the next version of Honeycomb will be Android OS 3.1. No word on features, fixes or timing.

Let's see. Android went from version 2.0 to 2.1 to 2.2 to 2.3. Honeycomb is currently at 3.0. All right, it makes absolute, total sense that the next version of Honeycomb will be version 3.1.


I want to change the question from "Will the next version of Honeycomb be 3.1?" to "Does it matter that the next version of Honeycomb will be 3.1?"

Should You Care About Your OS Version

If you are buying one of the new tablets that will ship with Honeycomb then it matters to you because you will likely see 3.1. Does Honeycomb 3.1 matter to you if you are buying one of the devices that won't even ship with Gingerbread? It shouldn't because you will never see it.


As you are looking at specs to pick the tablet that you are going to buy keep this one thing in mind; end users care about OS updates and manufacturers care about new device sales. You should in no way even consider a tablet that is running less than Honeycomb 3.0


I wonder where the Gingerbread update is for my Thunderbolt?


Source: Android Central


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