Samsung Galaxy S II Zooms Past Competition in Early Benchmarks

4 13 2011galaxysiibenchmarktop

Samsung Galaxy S II Spanks HTC Sensation Rival in Benchmark Test

The Samsung Galaxy S II‘s 1.2 GHz dual core Exynos CPU has been benchmarked and it is fast! If you’ve never seen a 3053 Quadrant benchmark score (top image), you’ll be interested to hear that that’s exactly what Samsung’s new superphone has done.  It absolutely trounced the newly announced HTC Sensation (still codenamed Pyramid during these tests), which has specs very close to that of the Galaxy S II. In fact, the Galaxy S II doubled the Sensation’s score in Smartbench 2011 (bottom image).

These do not necessarily translate to real world use as the benchmarks are synthesized, and a hands-on test of the phone will need to be done before we can be sure this will be evident in its performance, but nonetheless here are the pics to prove it. Anyone else excited to see what the Samsung Galaxy S II can do?

Sources: Quadrant, Eldar Murtazin tweet; Smartbench 2011, Hong Kong mobile broadband notes