Samsung Galaxy Prevail coming to Boost Mobile

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Samsung, Boost Mobile, To Host Joint Event, Will Announce Samsung Galaxy Prevail

This Tuesday Samsung and Boost Mobile are getting together in New York City to host a joint event.  Engadget received a 19-page document from Sprint’s Prepaid Group outlining the updates and devices coming to Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile this month.  This event was going to unveil a lower-end Android handset named the Samsung Galaxy Prevail.  Engadget called it similar to a Samsung Galaxy Gio, but with a CDMA radio.

Samsung Galaxy Prevail: It’s Cheap, it’s, um, cheap

This device comes equipped with 3.2 inch screen, a 2 mega-pixel camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, along with expandable memory up to 32 GB.   For these older entry-level specs the price of this phone will be $180.  Now the only thing that justifies the price is that you pay as you go.  You can get a higher-end device for the near price range of $200 IF you decide to get a two-year monthly contract from a bigger name brand of a company.

So Boost Mobile customers where you at?  We’d like to hear from you to see if you have any interest to this entry-level Samsung device.  Is the Samsung Galaxy Prevail on your radar?  Tell us what you think.

Source: Phandroid, Engadget