REVIEW: HTC Inspire 4G, True 4G?


HTC Inspire

Here it is, the HTC Inspire 4G.


What can be said about this device, HTC makes it and of course it adds some features. HTC did a pretty good job on this device, will it inspire you? See that, play on words? Hmm.


The Looks

Not a hugs fan of the HTC design. That is just personal but I feel that they look all alike, from the evo, to the nexus one as well as the G2, even the My Touch 4g is a similar look. It does change some thing sup, the battery is in a different spot and the camera is DEAD center of the back of the device. I am a fan of the GIANT ear speaker on the front and dislike how small the small speaker on back is.

The Hardware

You get a 1 GHz Qualcomm QSD8255 Snapdragon processor, it is fast for sure, everything is very snappy. Very awesome, you get 768 MB RAM which is more than normal and quite handy to have! You also get 4 GB of rom storage. An 8 GB microSD is included and can be upgraded to 32 GB which would come quite in handy.

The Screen

This screen is quite a bit nicer than a lot of screens, mostly because of size. You get a 4.3 inch (11 cm) diagonal widescreen
480 x 800 TFT LCD at 216.97 ppi, so not extremely high res, but still really nice! It is of course a multi touch screen. It is indeed bright and quite nice.


The  Battery

I am kind of let down by this battery, not sure if it is the constant search for 4g or if it is just the device but you merely get a 1230 mAh Lithium-ion battery and it barely lasts the day, I had hoped that a newer device would support a battery, others have lived up to this, just for some reason this did not, wondering if it is because it was semi rushed? I hope things get better for HTC and devices.

The Operating System

You get Android 2.2 and an updated version of HTC Sense. It still seems to be the same old version of Sense. And it is of course the same version of Android 2.2 with Sense in it.

The Software

Like I mentioned, a new version of HTC Sense, this one supports HTC.


The Keyboard

The HTC Sense keyboard seems limited, you can not space after words immediately, you have to press space bar, there are many reasons I think that Sense needs to go a bit more stock, not make their own design all the time. It is a decent keyboard and easy to maneuver, just hard to space at times and predicting words is a bit wonky.

The Browsing,  Camera and Video

Browsing is a bit slow, it is the faux 4G, HSPA+ of course. From what I have heard you can hack this device and unlock true 4G but since that is not a stock feature, we did not get a chance to see this come to fruition. In my area AT&T 3G is barely good, let alone 4G. The camera is great though, it is an 8 gig camera that records really sweet 720 p video. I took quite a few decent pictures with this device. Just wish the internet was faster.

The Call Quality

This one actually seems good, I have had troubles with AT&T in the past but this time I had a good experience, maybe AT&T is actually upping their game?



  • A Great Camera 8 mp which records 720p
  • Calls were good


  • No true 4G
  • The 3G was pretty abysmal
  • No camera button
  • Browsing was slow
  • Rear speaker was QUIET!

Conclusions & Final Thoughts

I have given this device a bit of a bad time, but I would recommend it to those who want to stay on AT&T. If you have an older device maybe go ahead and get this phone as it is one of the better on AT&T and for sure it is one of their best. I hope they change some things if there is an Inspire 4G… 2?


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