REVIEW: Eco V268 Bluetooth Headset


Review of the Eco V268 Bluetooth Headset


Recently I was able to use a new Bluetooth headset, the Eco V268. It wasn't the newest, or latest and greatest but was probably the cheapest and most efficient, not to mention SMALLEST bluetooth headset on the market. I was able to put it in my ear and barely realize it was there.

Call Quality

I was able to pair the Eco V268 easily, the call quality was great for such a small lower-priced device, it kind of shocked me. I was told about it and then told the price and wasn't sure what to think, but after using it for a number of days I was pleasantly surprised its ease of use.


Site Link

The Eco V268 Bluetooth device can be purchased from our friends at Wireless Ground! We have a good relationship with them and they always have a deal. The Price is of course 9.95! I am pretty sure this is a sale and I am not sure when it will end!


I liked this device, it is small and great and fits snugly in your ear. There aren't any bells and whistles to it, just a small easy to use easy figure out bluetooth device. The price is great, the ease of use is amazing and connecting the Eco V268 to my Droid was cake.