Regina 3D Launcher, The Free SPB Mobile Alternative


Regina 3D Launcher is SPB Shell 3D Without the Price

Seems like only yesterday that SPB Shell 3D was entering the big wide world with aspirations of being the main piece of eye candy for your phone, it even got some pretty good reviews!

Yet in the fast paced world that is Android, it only seems natural that another 'hotness' competitor should arise and fight for your affection. Enter Regina 3D Launcher by Nemustech Android.


Regina 3D Launcher, Free and Fine Home Replacement Launcher

The best thing about this home replacement app is that it is free! No paying $14.95 required here. The second best thing about it is that it runs very smoothly from my comparisons between SPB Shell 3D and Regina 3D Launcher, possibly even smoother (not bad for free). It comes with a number of resizable widgets, secret workspaces, nice visual effects and the ability to uninstall apps from the home screen. Regina 3D Launcher will work on Android OS 2.1 (Eclair) onwards, so you don't even need the latest version of Android to look good (although it's unknown how it will run on lower-end hardware).

Check the video out below to see what it is like.

Regina 3D Launcher Video


You can install Regina 3D Launcher by visiting the Android Market.

While it looks good, I think for now I will stick with ADW Launcher EX. Anyone who has tried it feel free to hit the comments below for your view. Will it be your new Home replacement? Does Regina 3D Launcher make SPB Shell 3D look expensive?  Do you have another launcher you prefer?  Let us know!