Qik breaks up with carriers, starts casually seeing Android and iOS!

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Qik video is a great way to video chat with your friends on the go. It has had 3g support since it came out, and started to support the next-gen networks as soon as they started springing up. It has had its limitations, however. Originally you needed to have either a certain manufacturers hardware or a certain carrier to use the app on your phone. No More! Qik's new boss Skype must have decided to put an end to that exclusivity, and opened the doors to the entire Android platform. It doesn't stop there either! Now you can chat with your iOS buddies as well, as long as they have the most recent version of the app that enables this feature. No longer will your snooty iOS friends have to shy away from you because you don't have Facetime! This is definitely the way to go, especially before Google puts their Talk with video chat onto their phones. Even when that does happen, it still won't cater to your iOS friends until they put out an app for that side too (which I'm sure they eventually will, we just get first dibs!).


As always, Qik is a free application on Android and can be found in the Android Market here. Check out their official post on the news below as well. Are you a Qik user? If not, is this the update that will bring you to their app? Don't be shy, talk to us about it in the comments!



We're excited to announce Qik Video Connect–a new version of Qik for Android and an update to the latest Qik iPhone app.  Qik Video Connect has lots of great new features and one incredible capability–live video chat with friends across Android phones and iPhones!

Our new apps work on a whole bunch of Android (2.1-2.3.3) phones, iPhones, the iPad2 and every iPod Touch with a camera.  They make it easier to stay connected and share special moments with your friends and family.  Show up for a birthday.  Help pick out a prom dress.  Or just be there when you can't.

What's more, Qik Video Connect is the only mobile video calling solution that also enables video mail.  Can't connect live?  (Because that never happens, right?)  No problem.  Send a video mail and say–or show–it live and in person[1].

And when you want to share something with more than one person, Qik Video Connect offers some cool ways to share videos with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, on YouTube or your blog. And you don't even need a front-facing camera on your phone–just show them what's happening around you.

Qik offers improved battery life, smoother video and better picture quality through deep device and hardware integration in collaboration with handset manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Dell) and chipset vendors (Qualcomm, TI, Samsung, Nvidia).  Some devices even have VGA support over Wi-Fi.[2]

The launch of Qik Video Connect marks the first time the video chat capability is available in the Android Market via download and not just as a pre-loaded app.  So Qik!  Just update what you currently have or scan the QR code below to get it ASAP.  Or, hit the Android Market or iPhone App Store and download the newest version of Qik Video Connect.  And then, sit back and see what you've been missing!

Note:  If you have an Android 2.2 phone that has both front and back cameras, but Qik only detects the back camera, contact Qik support at http://support.qik.com ASAP and our developers will do their best to add front camera support for your device.

[1] Video mail is available as a free trial until June 1, 2011.  After June 1, 2011, the ability send video mail will be available for an optional monthly or annual service charge.  Receiving video mails will continue to be included for free.

[2] The following devices support VGA quality resolution during Video Chat over Wi-Fi:  Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Player, Samsung Galaxy S, and Telus Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G.