PocketCloud gets Honeycomb Update, Still the Best way to Connect to your Computer!

pocketcloud android

PocketCloud, now with Honeycomb Goodness, Remote Access from your Android Device to your Computer

Wyse PocketCloud is a great way to connect to your PC or Mac, either while you are at home, or from anywhere you have an internet connection. You can connect by using a local IP address (your computer's digital address) or by using a Gmail account and some software installed on the machine.

I have been using this program on my phone for a while now, and while it technically worked on my Motorola XOOM it now is fully supported and optimized for it. While there are many, MANY different programs that allow what's called a "Remote Desktop Connection" (RDC), this one is the easiest to setup and the easiest to use.

Not only is PocketCloud Powerful, With Ads it's Free!

One of the biggest shocks to me is that this app is STILL FREE! Wyse has a free (ad-supported) version that allows 1 connection using a more basic security method for connecting, and a Pro version that allows 5 connections using 128 and/or 256-bit connections (higher security) and sound as well.

The pro version is $14.99, and if you have two computers and want to be able to connect to them both this program is completely worth the asking price. You can download the latest and greatest free version of the program here, and the pro version here, both from Android Market.

Screenshots from Wyse PocketCloud

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I can't be alone in loving this RDC program.  What do you, our loyal readers, think of PocketCloud?  Give us a shout in comments if you've tried it or any other RDC.